Sophia Cho – Principal

Growing up, Sophia walked through many open houses on Sunday’s with her mother. She loved looking at beautiful houses and studying the ways in which furniture, light, wood and tile interacted and enriched the lives of the families who lived there. Her affinity for thoughtfully curated homes resurfaced when she began extensive remodeling on her own family home. She took an 1800 sf. cottage with a choppy layout and converted it into 3700 sf. of modern architecture — a complete transformation. During this process, she realized this was what she truly enjoyed doing and wanted to pursue as a career.

Sophia believes in making sure that the insides of a home are just as well designed as its outsides. She begins each project with solid infrastructure, i.e, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, foundation, etc. so future homeowners may enjoy their homes for years to come.

Sophia is passionate about breathing new life into older houses. For every house she works on, she pours herself in the shoes of a future homeowner. She hand-selects every material that goes into a project from the plumbing fixtures to the paint selection to the knobs on the bathroom vanity. She loves the challenges of working on older houses and integrating the charms of an older house with the modern amenities that families today rely on.